First Methodist Church of Hartselle, a Global Methodist Church

Our Services are at 8:40 and 10:40

Sunday School is at 9:40


Online Giving

Your Tithes and Offerings go to support the church, the ministries, and the missions
that you find important in our church, the community, and around the world

If you would like to give online please visit our Push Pay Site

You can also give in person with cash or a check. If you do donate with Pushpay
and you have a specific group that is not listed that you want to donate to, please
donate and then send an email to Lara or Robin with the amount donated and where you
would like your donation to go. If you do not do this it either goes to the One Fund
for the entire church or to the group you have chosen.

Push Pay Giving to the First Methodist Church

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